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Commercial Alarm Pricing

Commercial Alarm Pricing

Gone are the days when commercial alarms were highly priced. Now its pricing is quite inexpensive and easy to maintain. It varies from product to product and the kind of monitoring services that you ask for. But when you are looking for commercial alarm services, do not go by the pricing. Dig into the details of the commercial alarm providing company and do opt for the company that offers value for money services. And if you are looking for generic information about commercial alarm pricing, here is a summary of what you can expect. Remember, the pricing would differ from place to place.

Commercial alarm pricing for monitored alarm systems generally follows the simple rule of Ďa dollar a day'. So you can imagine how cheap it is to protect your million-dollar company from intrusion and vandalism. You have to pay only a paltry sum of $25 to $40 per month as fees. There are add-on charges of $10 per month if you want to avail dual communication facilities. This would enable radio and cellular back up system if and whenever your telephone connectivity is disabled. On a yearly basis, you can opt for open and close scheduled monitoring services. The cost for such a service would be anywhere between $250 and $600 annually. Though you have a choice, you should consider that for your company's safety, the sum is negligible.

Commercial alarm pricing also depends on what type of equipment you go for and the number of security devices that you ask for. More often than not, it also depends on the size of your business-bigger the company size, more number of individual security devices is required and hence, the higher the costs are. If the system is hi-tech as well as compact, the installation charges as well as the cost of the equipment would be something in the range of $100 to $4,000.

It is generally a contractual affair, which can be done on monthly basis but usually there is a three years contract system. You should go for the three-year contract as it ensures that there is no price hike in fees. However, the only disadvantage is that terminating a contract before the due date will result in penalties up to 75% of the full amount due.

Commercial alarm pricing includes alarm system equipments door contacts, motion detectors and glass breakage. In case you take lease these equipments, you have to pay anything from $300 and $500.

Apart from the security systems, companies can also get fire alarm systems. The Commercial alarm pricing for fire is rated on the total square footage. You may have to pay $1 to $5 per square foot. The monitoring services would draw extra charges of $40 or $50, which might spill over by $5 to $10, as maintenance cost.

Commercial alarm pricing thus is not a matter of great concern when it comes to safety and security of your business. Just be careful as to whom you hire for the services as breaking a contract in the middle is neither advisable not profitable.

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