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Redcare Commercial Alarms

With theft and vandalism ever on the increase, corporate houses are opting for hi-tech safety and security solutions. There are many brands that throng the shelf space in the shops. No need to get confused by the numerous products. Go for Redcare commercial alarms system. It is one of the most reliable brands and is produced by the British Telecommunication. It is one of the best alarm systems and offers a lot of facilities that you would not find otherwise in other product.

Redcare commercial alarms are a conglomeration of a secure landline connection with GSM radio back up path. This means that even if there is a line failure, it enable the alarm system that is being monitored by the radio line. Besides, in the event of line failure the GSM radio path will incessantly communicate the alarm signal without failure. This is possible even if the primary or the secondary radio path cannot be reached.

You can rely on the Redcare commercial alarms as the service is provided by BT telephone line and it is directly connected to your personalized ITS securities alarm system and subsequently to the central alarm receiving station. The center is active all the year round and thus can take all necessary action at the appropriate time without delay.

It is designed in a manner that itself guarantees security and safety. It has achieved the Police Preferred Specification status. The status was earned after testing the mechanism against the highest grade of the new European Standard 50131. It do not need any extra telephone connection. But if you were using the same line for fax and data services then you would require a modem compatible device.

The other features that you can find in Redcare commercial alarms are active dual monitoring system that is functional round the clock all through the year. There is also high speed alarm transmission that fetched help within a few minutes. The alarm signal can be sent over even if the telephone line is in use. Moreover, through it you can send encrypted messages that cannot be duplicated and if by chance your telephone is disconnected, it instantly detects the same.

The added advantages of using it are that there are no additional call charges. To top it all, it is not only useful in detecting intruders but they gel well with CCTV and fire alarms.

A Redcare commercial alarm is thus a multi-purpose alarm system that provides integrated service to you. It is one of the most reliable security systems as it comes from BT. Along with all the facilities; it has the experience to back them. With time, they have always kept themselves up-to-date and have never become redundant. So if you are looking for a compact security system, integrated service and round the clock monitoring services, there can be no second choice. Redcare commercial alarms have to be the one.

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